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Month: February 2017

4 Signs You Need a New Car Battery

Before your car dies completely, it often gives you signals that something is not right. To prevent a situation that involves calling a tow truck to take your vehicle to a car repair shop, watch for these common warning signs that your battery is running low.

Your Engine Complains

Certified Car Care says that if your engine takes a long time to start or makes sluggish noises, it might be time for a new battery. Extreme temperatures especially tend to make your engine sound louder than normal.

Your Engine Light Appears

The symbols that appear on your dashboard shouldn’t be ignored. If you see the check engine light, it might be an indication of a low battery, as well as a number of other auto maintenance issues.

Your Battery Case is Bloated

Take some time to peek under the hood on a hot day. High temperatures can cause a battery case to swell, decreasing the life of your battery.

Low Fluid Level

All batteries have a translucent casing so you can see the fluid level. If you notice that it’s below the lead plates, drive to your local auto repair shop for a new replacement.

Everyone wants a dependable vehicle. Looking out for signs of a faulty battery can save you a more expensive trip to a car repair shop down the road.