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How Does My Air Conditioner Work In My Car?

Car AC Repair

Any air conditioning system that is capable of lowering temperatures will operate in a similar way. So let’s go over the basics of an A/C system. The air conditioning system uses Freon that is in a sealed system and pressurized by using a compressor. When the system is pressurized it will get hot by absorbing the heat around it which is then turned into a gas. The hot gas circulates through several tubes that will disperse the heat. The gas will loose most of its heat when you reduce the pressure in the system, then as it cools will turn into a liquid. Once in a liquid form it can now create cold air.

To be able to use this system in a car took very little adaption from its original source, the refrigeration cooling unit. The air conditioning unit in your car will have a condenser, a compressor, an evaporator, a few sensors and cooling hoses. Below is a description of what some of these components are responsible for.

The Compressor is responsible for taking the Freon or gas and pressurizing it so it can cool the air. It is run by a fan belt on your motor and is the main component of your A/C system.

The Condenser is mounted in the front of your car near your cars radiator. It acts as a small radiator that passes the hot compressed air through and as it cools it turns into a liquid.

The evaporator is also a little radiator that does the reverse of what the condenser does. When the cold liquid passes through its tubes, air is pushed through and creates the cold air coming out of your vent.

The Accumulator or drier is really a safety system for your air conditioner. The drier is responsible for catching any liquid before it gets to your compressor.

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