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How to Transport A Dune Buggy

If you are considering purchasing or building a dune buggy, you definitely want to consider how you are going to transport it from point A to point B. There are many laws when it comes to transporting a recreational vehicle and you want to ensure you have done your research. Courtesy of JM4 Motorsports, below are a few tips on the best way to transport your dune buggy.

It is possible that your buggy could be street legal, but the laws for street buggies vary from state to state. There are a few general requirements to be considered street legal such as windshield wipers, headlights, blinkers, seat belts, vehicle identification and a speedometer. It is also important to note that each buggy you intend to drive on the street has to be properly licensed and insured.

If you plan on towing your buggy to the sandy metropolis, equip yourself with the right gear. Most buggies can be towed on a trailer, a dolly or in the bed of a truck if it happens to be small enough. If pulled by a dolly or strapped onto a trailer, you will need your buggy to be ready with tow bars and hooks. These also come in handy later when you are venturing in the sand or mud.

The best way to transport your dune buggy is determined by you. It is always best to do your research before heading to the dunes to ensure you are following all of the your state laws.

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