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How Will A Repair Shop Get Rid Of My Check Engine Light?

Check Engine Light

The first thing they will do is connect a scanner to it and read the code. Next they will take the code and look it up in there service manual. Usually the first step in examining any code is to reset or clear the check engine light and see if it comes back on. If the automotive repair shop does clear the code and it does not come back on, then the problem could be intermittent. In most cases you will be charged for one hour of technician time. If you owned your own automotive scanning tool you would be able to read the codes and clear the computers onboard memory. You could then drive your car and see if the check engine light reappears.

If the light does not come back on you have just fixed your car in less than 15 minutes and avoided another trip to your automotive repair center. If the check engine light does come back on you can reconnect your scanner and check which code is activating the light to come on. Now that you know what is triggering the code you can take it to your mechanic and give them the information you scanning tool has provided for you. You can also try diagnosing the code yourself by using an online repair diagram called All Data DIY. By doing this it will reduce your initial diagnostic cost since you have cleared the codes and taken the first step in diagnosing the problem.

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